Design agency like no other.

Keskiö is a design and strategy agency based in Helsinki. We help the customers to develop their business by designing and developing a brand experience.

Selected Works

Well planned is half-done.

This guiding idea forms a solid cornerstone for our work and is why we invest in good ideas and the insights that arise from them. We strive to evoke emotions and convey strong images.

Keskiö is a partner for those who want their work to be well-planned and designed accordingly. Those for whom mediocrity is not an option.


Establishing a strong visual identity is crucial for a new business. It helps differentiate the brand, build recognition, and convey professionalism. Consistent use of logos, colors, and design elements across all channels fosters trust and loyalty among customers. In a crowded market, a memorable visual identity can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers.


Our expertise:
Logo design, Visual identity, Websites, Brand Hub.


Together, we embark on a comprehensive journey to define your brand in its entirety. From establishing your brand’s strategic vision and fundamental values to shaping its unique voice and written tone, we leave no stone unturned. Building upon this solid foundation, we meticulously explore and create every aspect of your visual identity and design system. This encompasses the development of your logo, the selection of color schemes, the curation of typography, the creation of distinctive shapes and patterns, the choice of imagery, the incorporation of dynamic motion elements, the integration of audio components, and much more.


Our expertise:
Visual Identity, Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Design System, Motion Identity, Tone of voice.


We are at our best when continuous cooperation exists and partnership. This is because we have built an operating model which enables us to supply our expertise with or without a fixed monthly price.


Our expertise:
Designing, Advisory, Partnership, Consulting, Mentoring.


Severi Romsi
AD, Founder
+358 40 912 7334

Winnie Ndukwe
+358 40 036 1396

Henri Wäyrynen
+358 50 547 7387